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    Head Start Monitoring

    Finally a tool exists that allows electronic tracking of your Head Start organization's monitoring findings and doesn't require special software or technical expertise.

  • Loaded with the OHS 2012 Monitoring Protocol!

    Be ahead of the game; performPLUS already supports tracking findings against the newest protocol.

    put ohs 2012 screenshots of pdf here
  • Use Your Methods

    performPLUS duplicates your existing process to eliminate learning curve. Use your own monitoring tools and policies/procedures.

  • Target Problem Areas

    performPLUS gives a real-time look at deficiencies that exist in your operations. Stay in compliance by tracking finding resolution.

Are you frustrated with hours of manually combining monitoring reports into spreadsheets or documents?

Not only can you now eliminate double entry and the manual labor associated with creating monitoring reports, but also utilize easily maintained policies and procedures with performPLUS.

Accessible Anywhere

Your staff can enter and view performPLUS data from their laptops, iPads, and iPhone!

Saves Time

Answering questions associated with monitoring tools in performPLUS takes minutes and eliminates the necessity of double or triple data entry.

Follow-Up Dates

Our dashboard tracks findings and ensures the responsible party resolved the issue in a timely fashion.


Eliminate three-ring binders; maintain your organization's custom policies and procedures in our searchable system.

Powerful Dashboard

It's an in-your-face reminder of how many unresolved or unverified findings exist that require your attention.

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